Django (girls)

Django is a popular and powerful web-development framework. It started life as a news paper content management system in the early 2000s, now it runs sites as big as Instagram, Pintrest, NASA and Spotify.

In this tutorial you will be making your own blog.

Often we get asked why would we waste our time building a blog, when you could just use something like wordpress?

Well, there’s a good reason!
When you learn something new, it’s good to start learning with something familiar and simple, after all you are going to be learning more than enough new concepts in the hours ahead. So let’s do something simple and familiar to start with, and then if you want to come up with a more complex solution to a personal problem you would like to solve, reach out to your mentors, I’m sure you’ll find one who’s willing to help guide you in the right direction.

Ready to get started?!

Today we will be using the Django Girls Tutorial!
Click below to get started!!