We can change the colour of all the different elements on our page, but to start with we’re going to look at how we can tell the browser what colour we want it to use. There’s a few different ways that we can define the colour:

  • HTML Colour Names - eg. red
  • Hex Code (short for Hexadecimal) - eg. #FF0000
  • RGB Code (denotes the red green blue values) - eg. rgb(255, 0, 0)

There’s plenty of info out there on how the different colour codes work, and how the values are calculated (there’s a great Twitter thread on what a hex code is ), if you’d like to go more indepth into colour theory, but for now, we’re going to work with named colours.

There are 140 named colours that we can use in CSS, a full list is available here , which we’ll use for now.