Using Classes and IDs in CSS

Once we have have classes and IDs on our HTML elements, we can start using them in our CSS (similar to how we’ve been referencing HTML tag names).

To reference a particular class in CSS, we need to prefix it with a ., eg. .class-name.

.feature {
	color: rebeccapurple;

To reference an ID in CSS, we need to prefix it with a #, eg. #my-id.

#header {
	background: lightsalmon;

In the Codepen below, add the following classes and IDs to the HTML code:

  • Class of content on all paragraphs before the first h2
  • ID of highlight to the last li in the list
  • Class of team on the h3 and p elements between About the Team and Our Values (ie. lines 5-10)

Using those classes and IDs, make changes to the CSS so that:

  • The content sections have bold text, and are purple (up to you what shade to choose).
  • The highlight list item has a background colour, and is italicised.
  • The team section has a different background colour to the list item, and has 20px of padding on the left and right sides.

See the Pen CSS Selectors - Classes and IDs on CodePen.