We can also add lists in our html, there are two different kinds of lists we can use, ordered (numbered) and unordered (bulleted) lists.

Ordered lists use the ol (ordered list) element, and we can nest individual li (list item) elements inside it, for each of the list items.

<h1>HTML and CSS Workshop</h1>

	<li>Intro to HTML</li>
	<li>HTML Elements</li>
	<li>HTML Attributes</li>
	<li>Nesting HTML</li>

Similarly, unordered lists use the ul (unordered list) element, and we nest li elements inside it.

<h1>She Codes Workshops</h1>

	<li>HTML and CSS</li>

Try making some lists of your own, see what happens if you change a list from a unordered to an ordered list.

See the Pen HTML Elements - Lists on CodePen.

Fun Fact: You can nest lists inside lists, see what that looks like