When learning how to navigate WordPress, there are a few things you’ll learn quickly to rely on. In order to become a WordPress superstar, you’ll need to understand a few fundamentals about how to get around your website.

The WordPress Toolbar

The first thing you should become familiar with is the toolbar, which you can see at the top of the page on your dashboard. The toolbar has a few really handy shortcuts, and the most useful thing about it is that it shows not just on the dashboard but also on the ‘front end’ preview of our website as long as we are logged in.

You can quickly view your website from the dashboard by clicking the Site Title in the top leftThis will take you away from the dashboard and let you see what others do - with one important difference! When you are logged in, you will see that the toolbar still shows when you view the website. It allows us to access some of the most important tools (such as the customiser, which we’ll cover soon) and also switch back to our dashboard by clicking on the Site Title once more.

You can also use the toolbar to log out of your website, once you’re done with editing. You can log out and access your profile from the top right.

The WordPress Sidebar

When you are on the WordPress dashboard, you will find most of the stuff you need on the left hand side. On the next section we’ll cover what some of these items are used for.